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Students who major in linguistics use analytical reasoning, critical thinking, and clarity of expression. They observe, hypothesize, draw conclusions, and communicate their findings to a wider audience. In short, they prepare themselves for advanced study or a career, be it in linguistics or in a variety of other fields: computer science, teaching, speech pathology, translating, or law, to name just a few.

Syntax class

Linguistics offers students an opportunity to engage in scientific study of the complexities of sound, form and meaning that underlie human language. Our department emphasizes a balance of theoretical and empirical work that encourages the use of first-hand evidence and gives our students the ability to understand, challenge and defend theoretical claims.

We offer several programs of study that provide both a solid foundation in the discipline of linguistic analysis as well as the opportunity to pursue independent research. Undergraduates may pursue a Bachelor of Arts or minor in Linguistics. Students may also take one of several clusters.

Students on Laptops

For further information about the field of Linguistics, check out the website of our national organization, the LSA (Linguistics Society of America), and the publication 'Why major in Linguistics?'.