Minor in Linguistics

A Minor in Linguistics follows the same curriculum as the major. Students are exposed to the same materials, methodologies and learning experiences. For the minor in Linguistics, the required courses are LIN110 Introduction to Linguistic Analysis and the first level 200+ technical courses of the major, plus one elective.  

Workshops     Linguistics Class

The Linguistics minor will provide students with a background in the methodologies of the subfields in contemporary linguistics. The minor is an excellent background for those going on to fields such as law, education, political science, environmental science or other professions where a analytic understanding of the human language component and exposure to the methods of linguistic analysis will strengthen and add depth to the student’s ability to handle complex data.

Students may minor in Linguistics by taking:

  • LIN 110 (ANT 110) - Introduction to Linguistic Analysis
  • LIN 210/410 - Introduction to Language Sound Systems
  • LIN 220/420 - Introduction to Grammatical Systems
  • LIN 225/425 - Introduction to Semantic Analysis
  • One (1) elective